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With the need of humanity to be more comforted, elegant and secured; we needed to take technology to a new level and this is what we did at OIVO wireless systems. Our product is categorized as lighting control and security system. This product gives you the ability to secure and protect yourself, your family and your home. Besides, this product helps in saving power which means saving money. It is important to a new user to know some features of this product which is summarized in few points below:
1. One of the most important features is the size which is actually suitable as it is 15*15*8cm.
2. Do not radiate any harmful waves (Depending on Infra-Red lights).
3.OIVO products can cover approximately a full room (10m length, 140 Degrees of sensing).
4. There are 3 modes: Automatic mode, Manual mode, Security mode.
5. Automatic mode controls the lights by detecting a person and providing a delay time after exiting.
6. Manual mode gives the user the ability to control the system however one`s like.
7. Security mode is used to protect the user and one`s belongings by activating an alarm when a person is detected.
8. IR remote control which provide full control to the user.
9. When power falls down the system saves it`s last mode for more safety.
10. This product has a warranty for one year provided by OIVO wireless systems.
As a matter of fact this product can be provided with plug-ins and some of them are listed below:
1. Adding alternative power supply.
2. Adding compatibility to smart phones.
3. Adding secure message which is send when a breach occurs.
4. Adding other options such as dimmer control, water leakage control, security cameras, gas control, temperature control, controlling through internet.
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